Opportunity knocks

The inaugural International Composites Summit (ICS), London closed its doors after a successful first outing which included presentations, demonstrations and above all, innovations.
1 month ago Features

The right stuff!

With a team that listens to the market and adapts to new trends while balancing innovative developments with proven solutions, Ascent Aerospace explains how its expertise helps provide the right solution for the right problem, so that its customers know they’re getting quality work products.
1 month ago Features

Creating a Tesla of the seas

Computational fluid dynamics specialists, Cape Horn Engineering explain how the latest innovative wind propulsion technologies can maximise the efficiency of renewable energies and help reduce shipping industry emissions.
1 month ago Features

It’s time for change

Composites UK’s sustainability manager, Malcolm Forsyth looks at how the composites industry can positively contribute to a future net-zero world.
1 month ago Features

Rethink, reimagine, reinvent

In a Q&A session, Cristex’s operations manager, Scott Singleton reckons that whilst the pandemic has been tough for many businesses, it has allowed the company to reflect and redefine a path for its future success.
1 month ago Features

Three shows in one

Subcon returns to support in-person networking as UK manufacturing sector prepares for a post-pandemic future.
1 month ago Features

The advantages of building true partnerships

In a Q&A session, Roth Composite Machinery’s managing director, Dr Andreas Reimann explains how the company has grown to become an expert in the field of special filament winding machinery construction.
1 month ago Features

Where collaboration meets innovation

SABIC’s Luc Govaerts, director of formulation & application development, Specialties business and EconCore’s chief operations officer, Tomasz Czarnecki discuss the synergy of the companies’ material and process technologies for new honeycomb structures that combine significant weight savings, thermal stability, rigidity and insulation capabilities.
1 month ago Features

Uniquely tailored blades

Nearly every composite project will require some cutting at the preparation stage. In a Q&A session, Robuso’s product manager, Dennis Weber explains why it’s important your shears and scissors selection matches the quality of the composite parts you plan to produce.
1 month ago Features

When innovation meets automation

In a Q&A session, Ian Deery, Mirka UK’s business sector manager transport and industry reveals why increasingly more businesses are investing in automated manufacturing processes and tools in order to deliver effective results.
4 months ago Features

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