Wessex Resins announces West System Six10 update

West System Six10 is a thickened epoxy adhesive with point-and-shoot convenience.

The single cartridge design incorporates two moulded chambers that separate the pre-thickened resin and hardener and allow accurate dispensing at the correct mix ratio. An interchangeable co-axial mixing wand ensures thorough blending of the two components and precision application of the adhesive.

West System Six10 is perfect for applying a simple fillet for stitch and glue boat construction, fibreglass laminate repair and general bonding and proves practical for long and complicated assemblies of a multitude of appropriately prepared materials.

West System Six10 has a viscosity high enough to resist sagging but can still wet out a surface without pre-coating, thanks in part to a property called shear thinning, or a reduction in viscosity as it is mixed. The shear thinning property enables users to wet out light to moderate weight reinforcing fabrics, such as fibreglass and carbon fibre.

West System products have a long-established history and are still acclaimed as the best premier marine-grade epoxy solutions in the industry, backed by over five decades of continuous epoxy innovation and expertise.

Those epoxy users already familiar with our West System product range will appreciate the convenience and cleanliness of West System Six10, saving time and excess waste.

“After a challenging year trying to source the specialised single cartridge, we are delighted to be able to resume offering this to our distribution channels in Europe, Middle East and Africa,” said operations director, Sam Oliver. “Who wouldn’t want to make repairs quicker?

“All our customers recognise that the West System product range is unparalleled in what it delivers. They also know that the team is always on hand ready to share knowledge and tips at any given moment, we are available by phone, email or at the many exhibitions we attend.”



Wessex Resins

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