Olin builds increased lifetime into reinforced epoxy rebar products

CiMMarch19News - olin
CiMMarch19News - olin

Olin, a leading global manufacturer of chlorine and epoxy products, has a new product group to further expand its offering for the composites industry and tailor its epoxy resin products to specific customer needs.

Olin’s LITESTONE composite technology, which improves durability under mechanical stress, is being used to produce basalt fibre-reinforced polymer (BFRP) rebar with epoxy and anhydride-based resin formulation. Conventional types of rebar experience corrosion and deterioration after 50 years in use. However, the use of Olin’s composite technology on reinforced epoxy rebar product results in the product remaining intact for over 100 years. This is a significant development, as it offers a viable alternative to vinyl-based rebar, which is diluted with styrene.

OIin’s LITESTONE technology allows customers to by-pass the use of environmentally unfriendly styrene and use a more sustainable solution at a similar price.

Juan Antonio Merino, area vice-president for Olin’s European, Middle East, Africa, and India regions (EMEAI), (pictured) stated: “The importance of offering a more environmentally sustainable alternative to vinyl-based rebar cannot be overstated. Olin is committed to continuously seeking out more sustainable solutions to provide viable alternatives for less environmentally-friendly technologies.”

Olin worked closely with Dixie Chemical and Rock Rebar Inc. in cooperation with the University of Miami to test the effectiveness of BFRP rebar with epoxy/anhydride resin systems. The results showed that BFPR rebar is equal to or higher than the existing minimum ASTM/FDOT (American Society for Testing and Materials/Florida Department of Transportation) specifications for glass fibre-based rebar. Olin’s LITESTONE composite technology can allow customers to now chose an environmentally superior alternative without compromising quality.





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