Swancor’s recyclable thermoset CFRP bike wins JEC innovation award

Swancor has announced that its recyclable thermosetting resin EzCiclo and degradation liquid CleaVER have won a JEC Innovation Award for its innovative use on a recyclable thermoset CFRP bike.

EzCiclo is a recyclable epoxy resin. Hot melt prepregs made of EzCiclo are used to produce composite bicycle parts, including frame, handlebar, front fork and rims. The End-of-life composite parts can be recycled by CleaVER liquid to reclaim resin and fibre enabling closed-loop recycling of thermoset composites. Swancor’s recyclable thermoset materials EzCiclo and CleaVER show its development potential in the sports, leisure and recreation sectors.

The bike will be displayed both in the JEC Industry Planet and on Swancor’s stand in hall 6, M17 at JEC World, held in Paris from April 25-27.

Swancor believes this is a great start to opening the circular economy, as EzCiclo uses innovative chemical methods to change the recycling rules, enabling customers to achieve the twin goals of resource efficiency and sustainability.

The entire process reduces the consumption of raw materials and increases the possibility of material reuse, providing a recyclable solution for promoting green circular economy. This has established a commercial model and industry value chain for the recycling of thermoset materials that was previously considered impossible.

Currently, Swancor’s EzCiclo resins have obtained ISO 14021 certification, and the recycle rate of composites made of EzCiclo could be higher than 95%. EzCiclo can be widely used in industries such as wind turbine blades, sports, railway and transportation, marine, and the automotive industry.

Benefits include: a reduction in the consumption of raw materials; no need to change the existing production process and equipment; long fibre recovery; no additional waste; a reduction in company carbon footprint.

Other recyclable showpieces on the Swancor booth include: Recyclable Car Spoiler; Recyclable Pressure Vessel (Type IV 52L); Recyclable CFRP Bicycle; Recyclable Carbon Plate; Glass Fibre Mat: Reused from the reclaimed FRP of boat industry utilized with EzCiclo resin; Carbon Fibre Mat: Reused from the reclaimed FRP of wind power industry utilized with EzCiclo resin; Carbon Packback: Reused from the reclaimed FRP of wind power industry utilised with EzCiclo resin.

Flame-resistant showpieces include: Battery Enclosure of Electronic Bus: Can reach the level EU EN45545-2 R1: HL2; Building Exterior wall: High filling this resin with ATH achieves EN45545-2 R1: HL3.




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