Mirka’s multi-million Euro commitment to sustainability

Mirka is publishing its 2022 Sustainability Report highlighting its global Clean Commitments (Performance, Partner, Production, Proactivity), spearheaded by a 30M€ development funding acquired from Business Finland for the innovative SHAPE project and its ecosystem.

This community investment creates an ecosystem of Finnish companies working on the development of new solutions for the remanufacturing industry, and Mirka’s journey towards a more sustainable business aligns with the project’s strategic ambitions.

In 2022, Mirka invested in fossil-free electricity generated by hydropower at all its production facilities in Finland, which are now run entirely on fossil-free electricity. This also led to a 56% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions within scope 1 and 2, and it installed solar panels on the production facility in Fino Mornasco in Lombardy, Italy, so the site is entirely powered by solar energy.

Its production facilities in Jakobstad, Finland were expanded with an energy solution based on geo-energy from geothermal holes, which means the site will reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 900 tonnes. It also invested in a purification and heat recovery system at its Oravais plant in Western Finland, transitioning from oil heating to recycled energy using the extra heat by the end of the year.

In addition, air transport has been reduced by 30%, and further energy solutions have been phased across several sites, leading to 70% renewable energy use in its production facilities.

Mirka’s CEO Stefan Sjöberg said: “Over many years, Mirka has made smart long-term investments to improve the sustainability of its operations. These investments helped us ride out the pandemic’s challenges, and our sustainability work has proved that sustainable operations benefit not only the environment but also companies in the long term.”

To read the full Mirka Sustainability Report click on the link below: https://cdn.brandfolder.io/DL1PQ307/at/w3br7g448kr3wkkth7nfs5/Mirka_Sustainability_Report_2022.pdf




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