Mirka AutoChanger to enhance disc changing domain in automation market

The automation market is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation, driven by customer demand for increased efficiency, reduced downtime and enhanced productivity. 

To meet this requirement, Mirka UK is introducing its innovative modular AutoChanger System, which addresses a crucial aspect of industrial processes by offering a versatile solution for automatically changing abrasive discs in the automotive, aerospace, train manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

The Mirka AutoChanger System enhances Mirka’s existing robotic sanding programme by adding one more element to it. The flexibility of the modules allows easy integration with new or existing customer solutions, ensuring they can adapt their operations effortlessly to meet evolving industry requirements.  Its user-friendly, reliable operation reduces downtime and boosts operational consistency when installed correctly by qualified integrators.

Chris Brook, business sector manager for Transport & Industry, Mirka UK, said: “Continuing Mirka’s rich legacy of pioneering solutions for industrial applications, the Mirka AutoChanger System aligns seamlessly with modern manufacturing demands to offer a versatile, safe and efficient way of changing abrasive discs on robotics systems quickly and comfortably.”




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