Maka to showcase modular 5-axis machines

At forefront of specialised 5-axis CNC machining centres, Maka (stand E112) will use the upcoming Advanced Engineering show to demonstrate its enhanced modular packages for greater flexibility and productivity when machining composites.

The company has enhanced its new MK7, MM7, BC and DC7 models with improved modularity to expand the 5-axis machining capabilities, and increase the users’ ability to produce the highest quality machined composites and improve patternmaking efficiency.

The latest MK7 and MM7t are specified with an array of application-oriented equipment for composite applications. The Maka machine’s inherent precision enables users to clamp and machine almost any component on five even six sides, making the Maka ideal for the most demanding and experienced professionals, producing high-volume, and high-value, or one-off bespoke work.

The advantages comprise more accessibility, faster tool changes, improved clamping flexibility, safer, cleaner and easier to use, robust, powerful, reliable and precise and higher productivity. The Maka machines are suitable for those manufacturers demanding the highest quality and highest productivity without compromise.

Maka Systems has over 70 years of experience in specialised CNC machining centres, application orientated, remain committed and passionate about providing uncompromising solutions for specific applications, including composites, and provide comprehensive and high level support by factory-trained NC Engineers from its subsidiary in Telford.

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