Haydale’s CTP installed at National Grid’s compression sites

CiMDec19News - haydale2
CiMDec19News - haydale2

Global advanced materials group, Haydale says it now has a composite transmission piece (CTP) installed at one of National Grid’s 24 compression sites, as part of a project to help it meet tighter emissions control limits.

National Grid’s gas compression facilities are required to comply with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) directive, which is incorporated into the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The company explains that, as a consequence, these compression sites have been identified as requiring upgrade to meet tighter emission control limits set by the Environment Agency, and as per the IED directive.

Paul Ogden, senior civil engineer at National Grid, explained: “National Grid has a number of compressors around the country that work as ‘pumps’ to move gas around the national gas transmission network. Some of the older compressors are driven by gas powered turbines, which need changing to modern low emission electric drive units. To keep the compressor sites constantly operational, new pipeline arrangements were needed, involving construction of 900mm diameter pipelines passing through new reinforced concrete walls, and the introduction of new GRP transition wall units.”

Keith Broadbent, CEO at Haydale, commented: “It is great to see National Grid commissioning additional CTPs representing a huge step forward in safety and efficiency. We have already announced the cost benefit through the use of the Haydale CTP and it is great to hear that there is further benefit offered in meeting tighter emission control limits.”

Further CTPs are in the process of being fitted at additional compression sites.



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