Evonik unveils new epoxy hardener for SMCs

CiMOct19News - evonik
CiMOct19News - evonik

A new epoxy hardener from Evonik is said to improve the technical properties and workability of high-performance sheet moulding compounds (SMCs). VESTALITE S allows greater design freedom and makes the composite materials fit for use in e-mobility and in automotive lightweight construction.

“SMCs, where the formulation contains epoxy resin in place of polyester resin, have significantly better properties,” explained Peter Ooms, sales manager at Lorenz Kunststofftechnik. “However, up till now, these thermosetting plastics were difficult to work with. They were therefore not a practical option.”

Based on its proven SMC base formulation, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik has developed an epoxy SMC that meets all the requirements for lightweight construction and flame resistance. The key component is VESTALITE S, a diamine-based epoxy hardener.

“In combination with epoxy resins, VESTALITE S produces an SMC material that is easy and quick to work with,” said Dr Leif Ickert, who is responsible for marketing of composites and adhesives in Evonik’s Crosslinkers business line.

The SMC material manufactured with VESTALITE S exhibits high storage stability before hardening, but still permits fast hardening within three minutes.




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