AirBench unveils new AirTower Air Cleaning System

AirBench has announced the release of its Air Cleaning System for large halls – the AirTower AT range.

Designed for general dust and fume capture in large working areas, the AT range runs continuously, capturing weld fume, smoke, and particulate and exhausting clean filtered air back to the room.

Air Towers are a backup system designed to assist with general room air cleanliness, where existing extraction is not fully capturing contamination. As weld fume settles at around 3m height, the AT range is perfectly placed to capture this layer, with the main inlet at 2.5m – making it the ideal solution for large welding halls.

With airflows up to 15000m3/h, AT can continuously improve air cleanliness in even the largest workplaces.

AT joins AirBench’s air cleaning range, providing the large-area equivalent to the existing small units – the wall mounted MF600 and floor mount MF2000 and MF3000 models.



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