3D Tape Winding Head commissioned at Bilsing Automation

Conbility has delivered the modular 3D Tape Placement Applicator for tape winding and tape placement to Bilsing Automation in Turkey.

The selling point of the 3D tape processing system is its multifunctional range of usage: it accomplishes laser-assisted thermoplastic tape winding and placement, IR-assisted thermoset prepreg winding and placement including the unwinding of backing paper.

The 3D tape processing head is available as modular tool with decentral control system and HMI (including closed-loop control of energy input into the processing zone) for the “plug-in” implementation in existing robot systems or machine systems by standard interfaces for the communication with the master control system.

Conbility provides the single applicator as well as turnkey manufacturing cells including the robot system, handling systems, winding axis as well as the laser-safe cabinet.

Salih Ersungur of Bilsing Automation said: “We are very pleased that the Conbility System has been put into operation in our production. This will greatly improve our ability to manufacture composite structures, particularly in the automotive industries. Thanks to years of experience and the use of high flexibility that Conbility has shown, we are very pleased that we have implemented a unique multiflexible system and we look forward to strengthening our cooperation with Conbility in the future.”

Furthermore, Conbility provides customised turnkey laser-safe machine system for the 2D laser-assisted tape placement with in-situ consolidation. This machine can be integrated into existing thermoforming production lines or can be used for the production of tailored composite blanks for local stiffening of injection moulded parts.

With its experienced engineering team, Conbility offers the whole range of engineering services from composite part development, development and setup of production lines for series production, evaluation of production scenarios and cost analyses as well as the production of prototype parts. Conbility’s machine systems are available for tests, trials and job-shop manufacturing at Conbility’s technical centre in Herzogenrath.




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