Zünd PreCut Centre makes cut-file preparation easy and efficient

With PreCut Centre, Zünd says it is launching software that facilitates cut-file preparation for applications involving unprinted materials.

With PreCut Centre, fully nested cut files can be prepared in a few simple steps. The software significantly reduces the workload in file preparation, generates optimal material yield, and eliminates the potential for error.

Zünd's new software solution creates a simple and highly efficient workflow for generating cut files. PreCut Centre simplifies file preparation and output and lets the user select a level of automation based on individual production requirements. All it takes is a few simple steps to create a fully nested file. Whether users prefer a manual or automated process, the software allows for selecting the workflow that makes the most sense for a given production scenario.

After importing the desired shapes into Zünd PreCut Centre - ZPC, the user assigns them to the corresponding recipes. Recipes are basically road maps for creating cut paths based on specific parameters. The recipes can be imported or created as needed by the user. The next step entails defining materials and material parameters. The shapes are subsequently nested on the unprinted material. This process results in optimal material yield with minimal waste and reduced production time.

In addition, PreCut Centre - ZPC also lets the user integrate selected metadata. Information printed along with the job facilitates job tracking and, once cutting is complete, enables quick and accurate attribution of cut parts to corresponding orders.

PreCut Centre is available in two versions, Basic and Pro. Users can select the version and associated features according to their needs. Zünd PreCut Centre’s open architecture permits importing cut shapes and data from multiple sources. PreCut Centre Pro provides fully automated nesting capabilities at the push of a button and lets users individually edit nested layouts and cut paths. In a last step, Zünd PreCut Centre generates a cut file in .zcc format and makes it available for subsequent import into Zünd Cut Centre - ZCC. An option also exists for outputting files in .dxf format.

You can now go to https://my.zund.com/shop where you can immediately download software licenses for use in a subscription model. Licenses are valid for a period of one year.




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