WIT unveils new operating theatre table system

CiMApril20News - WIT
CiMApril20News - WIT

WIT-Composites has launched a new operating theatre tabletop made from lightweight carbon composite materials. With fittings that enable quick mechanical connections, the system was completed after 24 months of development and has now been patented.

The tabletop system is extremely flexible and offers a number of benefits over existing conventional operating table solutions. It is significantly lighter than existing solutions, which means it is easier to physically manage. In addition, the carbon fibre material does not block x-rays.

This eliminates blackspots where areas of the patient are not visible on a screen. Surgeons will have a significantly improved working area, eliminating metal objects used in conventional solutions that partially obscure the patient.

“One of the critical things that we have been able to achieve is introduce a composite system that allows the quick fix and release of various attachments that are essential to the efficient working of the operating table,” stated WIT-Composites’ managing director, Weronika Soszyńska. “The tabletop has a translucent side rail giving much better visibility of the patient and we have managed to virtually eliminate all obstructions that limited visibility compared to conventional solutions.”

View WIT-Composites’ YouTube video:

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