WEST SYSTEM sponsors Spirit Yachts regatta

Continuing decades of close collaboration and association, West System is sponsoring the inaugural Spirit Regatta which is taking place 25th June to 2nd July in St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

The event, hosted by Spirit Yachts & Guernsey Yacht Club LBG, is expected to see 11 yachts converge for a week of sailing and socialising. These will be a mix of older Spirit Yachts, handed down through generations, and newer vessels, all beautifully crafted and now looking towards sustainability as well.

Of the yachts attending the regatta, WEST SYSTEM epoxy has been used on every one.

"This event is going to be breath taking," said Ian Oliver, MD Wessex Resins and Adhesives (the company which makes WEST SYSTEM products in the UK under licence from Gougeon Brothers). "Everyone in the marine world can recognise a Spirit Yacht - helped of course by James Bond's penchant for these fantastic yachts - and by sponsoring this event, we can help remind people of WEST SYSTEM epoxy's pedigree and longevity. It has, after all, been used by Spirit Yachts since the company started, and ever since, and is on every one of their 76 boats which are now spread out worldwide.”

"We've been told that Spirit has looked at other epoxies, but nothing compares to WEST SYSTEM. Plus the back-up offered by WEST SYSTEM, providing training and troubleshooting, is critical.

"It's an excellent relationship, built over decades, and that's why we're proud to add our name to the regatta."

Spirit Yachts MD Karen Underwood added: “Spirit Yachts has used WEST SYSTEM products on all its yacht builds for around 30 years, so we were delighted when they signed up as a lead sponsor for our first ever regatta. Not only are WEST SYSTEM products easy to work with, they always deliver on our meticulously high standards.  Alongside the key role played by WEST SYSTEM products in the build of all Spirit Yachts is the reliable advice, support, and training provided by Wessex Resins and Adhesives in the UK.  They are a fundamental extension of the Spirit team.”

WEST SYSTEM epoxy plays a major part in the structural integrity of Spirit Yachts. They're built using a cold moulded process over strip plank construction. The hulls are built over laminated frames - using WEST SYSTEM epoxy. The strip planks are glued together using WEST SYSTEM epoxy, as are the vacuum consolidated veneers. A glass laminate is applied to the hull - again vacuum consolidated with WEST SYSTEM epoxy.

It's arguable that Spirit Yachts is creating its own in-house wood epoxy composite structures.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy was created by Gougeon brothers in 1969 and since then the resin and hardener formulas have been continually tested and improved to produce the most reliable and well-balanced epoxy systems available. Plus, the company is well known for its willingness to share knowledge.



Wessex Resins

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