Wessex Resins to hold masterclasses at international boat show

Wessex Resins says it will be running daily product demonstrations over the course of Southampton International Boat Show (12:00 and 14:30 each day at stand J401, from 16-25 September 2022).

The mini-masterclasses will share the team's specialist knowledge in getting the best out of the West System range, how to use it, and what to use it for.

Mini Pack Demo 12:00 daily

Learn about two-step bonding, filleting, sheathing, peel ply and more. These are simple techniques to make the most of repairs and restoration.

Specialist Epoxy Demo 14:30 daily

Find out all about West System specialist epoxy products such as G5, Six10, G/flex, 650 epoxies and others. These products work brilliantly on glass fibre hulls and provide excellent solutions for bumps and scrapes and more.

The latter session will also include advice on using West System G/flex 655 which is a toughened epoxy that makes permanent, waterproof, structural bonds (and now comes in an easy-to-use ready-filled twin syringe).

The team also welcomes any questions on using PRO-SET epoxies for composite work and its Bio-Based Entropy Resins.

Further to the mini-masterclasses, David Johnson, sales manager for Wessex Resins will also be appearing on the Foredeck Stage, speaking about West System's GRP repair kit. On Sunday 18th (12:00) he'll be exploring West System epoxies for GRP boat maintenance and on Saturday 24th (17:00) he'll be talking about West System epoxies for GRP system boat maintenance.

West System products are used extensively by the boat building - and sailing - community. Wessex Resins has been manufacturing the epoxy, and offering support about its uses, for thirty years.

"We really enjoy meeting people at shows like Southampton International Boat Show," said Wessex Resins’ managing director, Ian Oliver. "Whether they are 'old hands' already using West System products to repair or rejuvenate their boats, or new to epoxy and needing some specific advice about all the ways in which it can be utilised."

At the high end of the scale, all Spirit Yachts utilise West System products. In Spirit's case, West System epoxy plays a major part in the structural integrity - they're built using a cold moulded process over strip plank construction.

Bespoke boatbuilders use it too, like Dan Lee, who built a gentleman's racer, using West System products to bond its bottom to the frames, and fillet the seams.

And then there are the many sailors who already carry West System mini packs. These handy packs contain everything needed (resin, hardener, filler, gloves, pots, syringes and more) to make a quick overnight repair at a regatta, whether it's for GRP or being used on a wooden boat.

"It fills me with pride," stated Oliver, "that the West System product range we manufacture in Romsey is used across the whole of the industry. And that the team here can - and do - advise sailors who want to repair a leak, or their rudder stock, all the way through to companies who are making yachts worth hundreds of thousands and are effectively creating their own in-house wood epoxy composite structures.

"All these customers recognise that the West System product range is unparalleled in what it delivers. They also know that the team is always on hand ready to share knowledge and tips - whatever a customer's level of experience."



Wessex Resins

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