The Native Lab launches new composite materials course

The Native Lab says it is offering a new composite materials course. The course is online and self-paced, meaning that it consists of short videos explaining the theory and practice behind composites and tasks, quizzes, etc. to see whether the learner is making progress.

With this course, The Native Lab and the trainer, Eneko Angulo, chief operations officer at Managing Composites want to convey in a short, but overarching course what it means to be working and thinking with composites.

As Tommaso Muellejans, program manager of The Native Lab stated: “Composites are the present and the future. They are less of a choice and more an imperative, since they offer a new wide range of possibilities to solve engineering problems.”

Overall, the course consists of three main blocks. First, all the materials are explained in detail. The beginning of everything when working with composites is to understand how fibres, matrices, fabric, layup, and cores function in different scenarios. Second, once understood the materials the course goes into the manufacturing technologies. Not only is each process illustrated but also when each technology is commonly used and even more importantly why. Third, the course has a design part. If we have fully understood how materials work and how we can manufacture, we can start thinking how to design with composites.

The fee of the course is €299 and it is taught in English. Every participant will receive a certificate of completion.

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