TFP to launch new materials at JEC World

CIMJan18News - tfp
CIMJan18News - tfp

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be exhibiting its advanced nonwovens at JEC World again this March.

This year there is a strong focus on the capability of Optiveil nonwovens to deliver an exceptional quality surface finish, with examples from the sporting goods and marine industries displayed on stand P32.

Optiveil nonwovens provide a surface finish solution for a variety of composite markets; with proven results in applications from the aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, marine, energy and industrial sectors.

Whilst the majority of uses are proprietary, TFP is able to exhibit some new examples demonstrating the superior surface finish proved by Optiveil at JEC. The bicycle frames, rims and other parts use Optiveil both as a surfacing veil and a means of improving resin flow in the structure. This dual function highlights the multi-functionality of TFP’s materials, which can offer further benefits simultaneously including fracture toughness, EMI shielding, electrical conductivity, galvanic corrosion prevention, and corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Optiveil is the ideal candidate for use as a surfacing veil, and has been developed as such. Available in range of fibre types to enable both a variety of aesthetic finishes and CTE matching, it boasts an exceptionally even fibre distribution to ensure uniform resin uptake.

The result is a high-quality resin rich surface finish with micro crack suppression and minimum microporosity. The highly porous structure of the veil delivers the additional benefit of enhanced resin flow, aiding resin distribution in the part without the need for additional flow media. Ultimately, mitigating the use of additional flow media and helping to optimize composite production times and yields.


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