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Open Mind Technologies used this year's EMO as a platform to launch its new version hyperMill 2009.2.

Open Mind Technologies used this year’s EMO as a platform to launch its new version hyperMill 2009.2 for developing and optimising seamless process chains in digital manufacturing.According to the company, the new package was well received at the event with high levels of enquiries.

Further highlights included the new CAD software version hyperCad 2009.1 plus the CAD integrated versions of hyperMill in hyperCad, thinkdesign, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. In addition, Open Mind demonstrated a paradigm shift in manufacturing, moving away from workflow oriented programming towards process oriented programming with automated processes. The results were presented live on the stand with a 5-axis machining application.

At the show, Open Mind presented modern CAM systems and integrated solutions for the precise, flexible and cost-effective machining of workpieces. HyperMill allows NC programs to be created quickly and reliably, enabling complex parts to be manufactured. Visitors to the stand witnessed firsthand the reliability and range of functions available in hyperMill during a live machining presentation where a Metrom P1000 machine was used to create a side wall for a car tyre.

Open Mind technology was also demonstrated on the stands of various partner companies with Siemens using workpieces programmed with hyperMill to machine a bottle mould during a live demonstration. On the Willemin-Macodel stand, experts produced a single blade live whilst further partner companies such as AgieCharmilles, Chiron and DMG all utilised Open Mind products on their stands.
hyperMill 2009.2: new features and CAD integration

The new version includes new solutions for automated programming. With the definition of internal company machining standards and the subsequent optimisation of complex programs, hyperMill 2009.2 is a multi-dimensional, workflow-oriented platform. Due to new and extended features in the CAM software, multiple operations can be programmed reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.

The new versions can be used as a CAM integrated solution as hyperMill provides the CAM programming environment in the familiar interface of the relevant CAD software. The hyperMill 2009.2 CAM software seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Inventor 2010 and Autodesk has officially certified the latest version of hyperMill, thus confirming both full integration and data associativity.

Another EMO highlight, Open Mind demonstrated hyperMill as an integration into the CAD systems hyperCad, thinkdesign and SolidWorks. In designating hyperMill as a ‘Certified Gold Product’, software developer SolidWorks has confirmed total integration in relation to its own CAD environment.

Efficient design capability

The new version of hyperCad showcases an array of intelligent features for fast and reliable design. The highlights include the option to hide inner objects in order to reduce model data, resulting in an improved overview and increased computer performance. Another feature allows colours to be added to solids, enabling milling strategies to be automatically identified and data to be exchanged between different CAD systems. The ‘reshape’ functions allow the user to process STL data models directly and can be used to close holes, reduce STL networks or create boundaries.

5-axis milling: efficient programming, reliable execution

5-axis technology in hyperMill is said to be flexible, precise and reliable. On suitable 5-axis machines, Open Mind claims that use of its software can often yield time savings of more than 25% while reducing tool wear and increasing contour accuracy to ensure cost-effective production. Simple programming with automatic collision checking and avoidance guarantees that neither tool nor holder collides with the workpiece during machining.

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