Rothabow prepreg production line increases automation

CiMOct20News - Roth 2
CiMOct20News - Roth 2

Krempel, a manufacturer of prepregs located in Southern Germany, relies on its collaboration with Roth Composite Machinery.

Precisely tailored to the customer application, the special machine builder has developed a new production line for hotmelt impregnation. The Rothabow 600 prepreg production line has a high level of automation.

The production line is suitable for the processing of glass and carbon fibres. Krempel produces prepregs with different resin surface weights on this machine, for example for the use in the automotive industry.

For the purpose of quality control, devices for measuring the resin surface weight and the prepreg surface weight are integrated. The Rothabow production line works at a maximum application temperature of 300 °C and has a drive design of 10m/minute.

In the area of the heating elements, the material web can be lifted in case of production stops. The material is not heated too long during the process flow. The coating unit used at the production line is a special scraper system.

A fibre spreading unit enables a fibre guiding on two levels. The rovings can be spreaded depending on the requirements. The use of a double rewinder enables the cutting and rewinding of several tapes.

The design of the new production line is based on user-oriented advice given by Roth. It comprises the sequence of individual production steps, the material selection and processing, the automation level as well as the increase in productivity up to the commissioning and instruction in the operation of the machine.

Thomas Mozer, principal product engineering at Krempel, commented: “By using the new prepreg production line of Roth Composite Machinery, besides the optimised production speed, we could also achieve significant quality improvements for our high-quality prepregs.“

Krempel is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical insulation materials, composites as well as electronic materials and system partner for customers in the sectors energy, mobility and industry.

The company is a well-known supplier of composite materials, customer-specific components and prepreg systems. The products and solutions of the manufacturer are present in the aerospace industry as well as in the machinery and apparatus engineering, in the rail sector or in the fields of medical and electrical technology.

Roth develops machines for the manufacture of prepregs according to individual customer requirements. They are suitable for applications in the sports and leisure industries, the aerospace sector, the automotive industry, the ship and boat building area, in the building and bridge construction or in airplane structures.

For carrying out preliminary tests and process development, Roth offers a laboratory for the manufacture of prepreg and organic sheets. In consultation with Roth, business partners and raw material producers have the possibility to carry out optimisation or processing tests as to matrix systems, fibres and fabrics without having to interrupt their own production processes for that.

The prepreg laboratory line of Roth can process duromers as well as thermoplastic matrix systems up to 400 °C.

The company is able to produce multilayer composite materials made of fabrics, fibres and films by using the laboratory line. A powder dosing unit for the processing of powder or granulate instead of a foil can be integrated.

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