Prima Tooling unveils spiral tooling for foam cutting

Should you be thinking about using high speed steel (HSS) spiral tooling for cutting foam? Would you like a better finish when machining? Prima Tooling says it has a solution.

The company’s new four-flute HSS spiral tooling range can provide a positive answer to both of the above questions - and possibly more. As a UK tooling manufacturer, Brentwood-based Prima Tooling is always investigating new materials and considering how it can adapt its manufacturing to suit the current tooling requirements, as well as maintaining its core business values that the company has held for over 40 years.

Surprisingly, foam is an abrasive material, and this can impact on tooling as the cutter rubs against the foam rather than cutting it. Regular tool changes are required when cutting foam and this means the cost-effectiveness of HSS tooling is also a key benefit.

“We looked at how we can produce a high quality foam cutting tool in the UK for the local and international markets in sizes that can be manufactured as a standard size range in millimetres, as well as a bespoke range,” stated company business manager, Debra Cattle. “We took an imperial tool and using our computer-controlled simulator, adjusted the sizing to show that we could manufacture our HSS four-flute solid spiral tool from as small as 6mm diameter right up to 25mm diameter.”

One of Prima Tools current users, Mike Birch of Protechnic, said: “We really love the cleaner finish that the HSS four-flutes gives us. Our machines don't have to be run as fast to achieve optimum results. The fact that the HSS tools are a better price is an added benefit, as we change our tooling often.”

The range of HSS four-flute tools not only create a great finish with their up-shear spirals, but are also available in the UK, and are fully serviced by Prima Tooling at a competitive price.



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