Plataine releases new version of its AI-based Scheduler for composites manufacturing

Plataine, a leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimisation solutions for advanced manufacturing, has announced its latest release of its Production Scheduler Solution.

These advanced tools and algorithms provide composite parts manufacturers with a dynamic approach to production planning, considering all relevant elements including human capacity, tool availability and autoclave optimisation, to automatically generate optimised manufacturing schedules.

Plataine’s Production Scheduler is an intelligent and intuitive solution that presents new advancements and features to further maximise capacity while considering human resources, tools and machine constraints. The ability to handle resource capacity is an essential feature of the new Scheduler version, which enables the system to generate optimal plans while considering the availability of human and other factory resources.

With the Production Scheduler, manufacturers can utilise their workforce efficiently while creating an optimised and feasible schedule. The tool support feature enables manufacturers to schedule and manage their tools, moulds and resources effectively, ensuring that they are always in top condition and ready for use. The maintenance cycle monitoring ensures that tools and machines are properly maintained, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The new UX design is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier for planners to navigate and use the system effectively.

Plataine’s Scheduler overcomes bottlenecks in the production process, such as autoclave availability, and offers solutions to optimise production and autoclave runs. The Production Scheduler generates real-time reports that provide insights into the production process, enabling manufacturers to make data-driven decisions.

The Production Scheduler solution can quickly respond to unexpected events on the factory floor such as production delays, machine malfunction or shortage of staff. The automated solution may reduce response time to an incident from days to minutes – the planner can adjust the schedule, approve it with the supervisor and distribute it to the floor in a few mouse clicks. This leads to higher throughput and improved on-time delivery rate.

“Plataine’s Production Scheduler Solution is an industry game-changer. With its advanced Practimum Optimum algorithm, manufacturers can optimise their production processes, enhance productivity, and reduce costs,” said Amir Ben-Assa, vice-president marketing & product strategy at Plataine. “Our solution provides real-time insight into production processes, allowing manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and quickly respond to unexpected events on the factory floor. With this solution in hand, manufacturers can ramp-up production and meet their targets.”



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