Plataine launches a free trial package for its AI-based software

Plataine, a leading provider of AI-based optimisation solutions for advanced manufacturing, has announced a Try & Buy package for its Time Sensitive Material Management software solution.

The cloud software automatically manages time sensitive material ensuring higher quality while avoiding rework and material waste. The application provides complete visibility of inventory and real-time tracking of time sensitive material properties such as remaining shelf-life and exposure times.

Plataine’s Time Sensitive Material Manager provides an easy-to-use cloud software to track and manage material and assets in real-time, eliminating the dependency on paper and manual processes. The Try & Buy package will provide advanced manufacturers a sneak peek into the future of digital manufacturing with zero risk or downtime.

The software simplifies and accelerates the way time and temperature sensitive materials are tracked and managed, allowing composite manufacturers full visibility and control over their inventory. The application automatically tracks remaining shelf-life and expiration, then optimally assigns the right material to the work order and leading to high material utilisation including remnants. In addition, Plataine’s Digital Assistants send real-time alerts to the factory stuff, to prevent using materials that are about to expire, including AI-based recommendations.

Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO of Plataine, said: “Plataine is committed to help advanced manufacturers in their digital transformation processes, as part of our commitment to spearhead Smart Factory initiatives worldwide. Our cloud-based software brings our customers an opportunity to test-drive AI capabilities at no cost, nor disruption to their daily work. With our Free Trial, composites fabricators can now gain better control and visibility into time sensitive material management and have a direct impact on reducing manufacturing costs and bottom lines.”

Plataine is exhibiting at JEC World, Paris - booth P70 in hall 5 where the team can discuss the Try & Buy free package.



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