PlasmaBound unveils surface preparation breakthrough

PlasmaBound says it has developed a breakthrough technology called controlled polymer ablation (CPA) to better prepare surfaces of composites before structural bonding to a composite or a metal. 

The advantages of CPA technology include: improvement of the surface free energy of composites (thermoset-prepregs epoxy and thermoplastic-PEEK/PAEK, GF and CF) bringing surface energy > 70 Dyne in a clean and repeatable process; automated application (on-line solution) with speed of treatment between 120 to 200mm/sec; removal of contaminants on the surface: finger prints, mould release, primers, paint; open time/passivation/storage time: over three weeks for prepregs/months for PEEK/PAEK after CPA treatment instead of minutes or hours (sanding, peel-ply, plasma) allowing off-line manufacturing; treatment of tubes (inside and outside), avoiding unrepeatable, slow sanding operations; ability to interface with 3D printing; rework and MRO of radomes, for example.

With a long open storage capability, CPA allows you to rethink fully your operation process and can be either on-line or off-line. Large surfaces can be treated for production with either an adhesive or a tape and will remove potential quality human interferences.

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