New version 5 of Anaglyph's Laminate Tools

Anaglyph has announced the release of version 5 of Laminate Tools.

This new version marks a major milestone. Apart from the many visible new important features, a number of fundamental technologies have been introduced behind the scenes to improve efficiency and lay the ground for important future changes.

The underlying data engine has been redeveloped, so that data storage and manipulation are carried out in ways aligned with current user requirements, for maximum efficiency when applying simulations or collecting information for graphical presentation or export.

The 3D model graphics engine has been totally rewritten to support the latest OpenGL standard, taking advantage of state-of-the-art graphics hardware capabilities, and extending product life significantly.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been thoroughly redesigned. Application windows may now be floating, docked, tabbed, grouped or hidden, delivering a custom screen layout that improves productivity further, while legacy arrangements are possible for a smoother transition.

Just to name a few new major features, Laminate Tools v5 brings an all-ply interactive editor window for easy global design changes, a 2-D Cross-Section View and the introduction of a proprietary, binary and efficient file format (.LT).


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