New international event for the composites industry launched

CiMFeb21News - cuk
CiMFeb21News - cuk

The International Composites Summit, co-organised by Composites UK and Fluency Marketing, has just been launched and will take place on 8-9 September in London.

The event, which focuses on reinventing the global supply chain for composites, will bring together companies concentrating on worldwide opportunities for sales and growth.

Primarily an exhibition for the composites industry, there will also be open forum sessions to showcase speakers, who are invited to share success stories and discuss the ever-expanding market and its supply chain.

After its first year in the UK, the event will move around the world. It will tie up with global trade associations to bring in their members in order to network and share knowledge with the best from across different countries.

Claire Whysall, marketing & communications manager at Composites UK said: “The International Composites Summit is our response to industry asking for a composite focused show to support their growth as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and for those based in the UK, the effects of Brexit. We are pleased to be able to work with one of our member companies – Fluency Marketing – to deliver this event.”

Gemma Smith, managing director at Fluency Marketing, added: “We are incredibly excited about this new event serving as a new platform for promotion of the composites industry worldwide, which will foster cross-country collaborative working.”

For exhibition enquiries and submissions for the forum session speaker slots, visit the event website.



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