New all-carbon fibre luxury hydrofoil catamaran launched

Nemesis Photos 34
Nemesis Photos 34

Nemesis Yachts has debuted its 332ft futuristic hydrofoil catamaran design made from carbon fibre.

The ‘Nemesis One’ is thought to be the world’s first luxury foiling multihull, able to break the 50 knots speed barrier, while flying on computer controlled hydrofoils.

Contrary to being a stripped out racing vessel, the all carbon fibre Nemesis One has stunning futuristic, yet comfortable interiors.

Powered by VPLP Design’s patented ‘Oceanwings’ wing sail, the high-tech superyacht resembles more of a stealth fighter jet than a conventional sailing yacht.

One of the design’s cornerstones is the fully autonomous VPLP Oceanwings wing sail, powering the Nemesis One. The wing automatically adjusts its angle of attack, camber and twist, eliminating any need for manual sail trimming.

Additionally, the reef and furlable wing sail is 2.6 times more efficient than a conventional sail plan of equal size.

Even without wind, the Nemesis One will remain a zero emission vessel. Powered by a retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion, the yacht has no need for any fossil fuel. In addition to the hydrogen fuel, up to 8073ft2 of solar panels, will generate up to 150kW of power, to recharge the yacht’s batteries.

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