Henniker Plasma invests in extending surface chemistry analysis capabilities

Henniker Plasma, a leading UK manufacturer of plasma surface treatment systems, has invested in the latest mobile surface analyser (MSA) by Krüss. This is the latest addition to its continuously developing surface testing lab, based in the North West of England.

This investment further enhances Henniker Plasma’s capabilities, allowing it to measure surface free energy with just one click. The analyser reveals both the polar and the nonpolar component of a solid’s surface tension, meaning optimal wetting conditions can be achieved. Customers will benefit from fast and reliable measurements of any surface.

Plasma treatment is a key surface preparation technique in high-tech and fast paced industries where it offers many benefits for improving product manufacture and finishing. Plasmas efficiently remove organic contamination from surfaces with no harmful waste or by-products. They also render many surfaces hydrophilic which in turn significantly improves surface adhesion characteristics.

This novel fully automated analyser provides highly accurate scientific results with good repeatability. It allows for measurement of any size workpieces, prototypes, and finished parts. The wettability of those parts can be determined ahead of coating or bonding and the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings can be tested effectively.

Henniker combines state of the art plasma treatment equipment with comprehensive surface testing facilities, including surface contamination detection and identification apparatus and also surface energy testing to ISO DIN standards using a variety of test methods such as surface test fluids and contact angle measurement techniques. The facilities are run by trained and dedicated staff with many years practical experience in plasma and surface testing techniques and are offered to new and existing clients alike to assist with free proof-of-concept trials, application support and process development services.

Managing director, Terry Whitmore, said: “Henniker Plasma is committed to the continuous development of its in-house capabilities. This new analyser is our latest investment, ensuring we can offer the highest quality surface tests to our customers. We look forward to working with customers, seeing the analyser utilised to its greatest potential.”



Henniker Plasma

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