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CiMOct18Feature - bighead
CiMOct18Feature - bighead

Perforated or plain head? bigHead provides a comparison of ‘wet’ adhesive bonding with perforated/ plain bigHeads.


The perforated head design is synonymous with bigHead fasteners. Whilst this makes a bigHead easily recognisable, the company can also provide bigHeads with plain surface heads to suit certain applications.

When it comes to adhesive bonding of bigHeads with liquid and paste adhesives, there are long-standing questions about which is actually ‘better’ – perforated or plain head? Holes or no-holes? A seemingly simple question – but quite a challenging one to answer, especially if you just want some quick guidance.

bigHead decided to help resolve this challenge by providing some basic guidelines in its tecHub. To create these guidelines, it compared adhesive bonding with perforated and plain heads – assessing the mechanical performance, and other considerations such as weight, adhesive usage, cost and whether the head type has implications for component assembly.

This involved manufacturing, inspecting and testing adhesively bonded bigHead specimens in its own laboratories – and it is happy to offer similar services to its customers and partners. Sharing this knowledge and offering its assistance is all part of why bigHead is a fastening solution, not just a fastener.

Having some guidance on the holes or no-holes question can assist bigHead customers with making quick, informed decisions. The benefit to bigHead’s customers is that it removes, or at least reduces, the uncertainty of which head type might be appropriate for a given application, and customers avoid wasting time making their own comparative studies.

The content in bigHead’s tecHub comparison has scope limitations – there are too many different adhesive/bigHead combinations to include them all. According to bigHead, the benefit of working with the company is that it is always happy to test and evaluate a specific combination – this helps ensure its customers have the information they need, saves them spending time and money to do the work themselves, and gives them confidence that a solution will meet their requirements from the outset.





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