When innovation meets automation

In a Q&A session, Ian Deery, Mirka UK’s business sector manager transport and industry reveals why increasingly more businesses are investing in automated manufacturing processes and tools in order to deliver effective results.
1 month ago Features

Parts that pioneer innovation

From concept through production, Alpine Advanced Materials strives to deliver perfect parts made from advanced materials that are engineered to withstand the harshest environments. Company president, Roger Raley reveals more.
2 months ago Features

Inspect and detect

Zetec’s UT Products manager, Federico Zottig says that as the use of composites expands, the demand for even more capable inspection systems continues to build.
2 months ago Features

Understanding the delamination factor

Composites in Manufacturing hears how The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has undertaking a number of CFRP and CFRP/metallic stack drilling trials in order to help industry develop economic methods of controlling drilling-induced delamination.
2 months ago Features

The creation of the Kreator!

Maurizio Bernini, additive manufacturing and new technologies product manager of leading CNC machine tool specialists, CMS discusses the company’s partnership with Fraunhofer Institute on the creation of a new hybrid system for both additive manufacturing and milling.
2 months ago Features

Green show ready to go!

Fluency Marketing’s managing director, Gemma Smith explains why the International Composites Summit is all set to reinvent the global supply chain and help enable a sustainable future.
2 months ago Features

Kit cutting at maximum velocity!

Composites in Manufacturing hears how Velocity Composites has revolutionised its composite material kit cutting processes using Zund’s flatbed cutting system technology.
2 months ago Features

Staying at the cutting edge

Composites in Manufacturing hears from leading flatbed cutting machine specialists, Assyst Bullmer to see how the company stays at the cutting edge of a competitive industry.
2 months ago Features

Composites in construction

Composites UK’s operations manager, Sue Halliwell explains how composites are helping support the construction sector towards net-zero.
2 months ago Features

Kitting for composites

Chris Lever, managing director of Bindatex, thinks kitting is the way forward for a refined and logical hand lay-up process, whilst addressing the hot topics of automation and reducing waste.
2 months ago Features

From couture to composites

Composites in Manufacturing hears about a project the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has undertaken with Antich and Sons, a fabric company that produces cloth for top fashion houses, such as Prada and Chanel.
2 months ago Features

Coatings that beat the heat!

Heat management and plasma spray coatings specialists, Zircotec, reveal how its high performance surface coatings technology is helping to change the landscape for high performance composites applications.
2 months ago Features
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Just roll it!

Olympus Scientific Solutions product manager, scanners & inspection solutions, Simon Alain explains how the company’s new RollerFORM XL scanner solution helps accelerate the inspection of composite components with large surface areas.

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I was saddened to hear the recent passing of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, particularly in respect of The Duke’s inspiring impact on generations of young people and the success of the Duke of Edinburgh award (DofE), which he founded.

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Be the best you can be

In this Q&A session, Premier Autoclaves’ group sales manager, Scott Dyson discusses the company’s services for autoclaves and how its team’s strength and experience has overcome the business challenges created by the ongoing pandemic.