AAG unveils new 5-axis cutting head for WARDJet waterjet cutting system

AMMay21News - axyz
AMMay21News - axyz

Following the recent introduction of a new corporate identity, AAG (AXYZ Automation Group) has added an exclusive 5-axis cutting head to its WARDJet range of waterjet cutting systems.

Called the Apex-60, this compact and fully-integrated machine enhancement is said to be the most affordable and versatile of its kind currently available and to bring the benefits of advanced three-dimensional cutting technology to a wider range of industrial applications.

Key attributes of the Apex-60 include the ability to cut at angles of up to 60° using a cutting force of 39N and at a maximum speed of 50.8m/min which, according to AAG, sets the Apex-60 apart from any comparable 5-axis cutting head.

It also greatly accelerates the speed and efficiency at which secondary finishing processes such as 60° cut bevels, weld preparation, grinding, chamfering and countersinking can be carried out, all of which invariably require additional machine staff and thus increasing operational costs and machine downtime. With a Z-travel capability of 304.8mm, the Apex-60 will process materials in the widest and thickest dimensions likely to be encountered, with full maximisation of the cutting envelope and no compromise on quality.

The Apex-60 will also accommodate the processing of a wider range of more complex materials. Typically, these include stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, cast and wrought iron, various alloys like brass and bronze, aluminium sheet and aluminium composites (ACM), marble, ceramic, glass, fibreglass, high-density plastics and laminates and solid and composite rubber formulations. These are used variably in an equally diverse range of industries, including the general engineering, automotive, aerospace, electrical, metal/glass fabrication, plating/finishing and marine sectors.



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